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UAV ZALA 421-16

UAV ZALA 421-16

Specialised unmanned fixed wing system for both civil and military applications close to medium range
ZALA 421-16 is the new breakthrough by ZALA AERO and is first of its class to be produced by a Russian company. The characteristics of ZALA 421-16 clearly emphasize its capabilities compared to its rivals both smaller and larger class. On the 10.07.2009 the platform set the record flight time endurance of 12 hours and 21 minutes while on flight tests which were completed and full airworthiness certification was awarded on 21.10.2009.


Minimum (maximum) flight endurance:      
5 hrs (7)
Arrangement of a power-plant: 
Pulling propeller
The aerodynamic scheme:                        
Flying wing
Maximum speed:   
150 km/h
Range of data transfer:
50 km
Internal combustion with  separate greasing
Wing span:  


Take-off weight:                                    
18 kg
Take-off and landing size:  
50x50 meters
Take-off method:  


Minimum landings guaranteed:   
Operating temperature:


Payload weight (max): 3kg
Landing method:

 The payload capacity of the UAV of 3kg which does not include built in photo camera that is based in the wing of the UAV. The platform has two payload compartments built into the wings of the UAV which provide an option for multiple payload operation simultaneously. With this capability and miniaturisation of payloads allow ZALA 421-16 to replace systems of a larger class (70-150kg). Larger class UAS require a significant number of service personnel to operate/service the system while Z16 UAS can be operated by just two personnel while also being mobile and able to perform in all environments compared to larger systems which are restricted to certain environments and limited to set ground locations.

Z16 is designed to be multifunctional system that can be operated for unlimited number of missions with ability to function in both maritime and land environments, while performing functions such as search and surveillance using real-time adaptable high resolution day and/or infrared video that makes Z16 indispensable in both civil and military applications. Additionally the Z16 UAS can perform functions such video and communication retranslation, coordinates analysis and systematically saving resulting in combined information analysis. The Z16 UAV can also have onboard recording for non-time critical information which also increases flexibility of the system as a whole. The new software VIZA has been specifically developed to help the operator construct analysis of the information available to increase Z16 systems productivity.

*Pegasus servos are used to guarantee minimum service and highest grade quality.

*UAS system is fully compatible with mobile vehicle/vessel.

*After 200 landing the UAV is used based on it condition as this varies significantly based on environments that UAS has been used in, if the condition of  the platform no longer satisfactory the body of the platform is replaced and all the equipment is tested in the new body before being redelivered to the customer.



  • UAV ZALA 421-16 x 2 units
  • GCS with increased protection casing x 1 unit
  • UAV payload, colour video camera with full view beneath the platform (controlled by the operator/changeable) x 2 units
  • UAV payload, colour high resolution photo camera Canon 1000D or higher spec x 2 units  
  • UAV transportation container x 2 units
  • Video and communication antenna x 1 unit
  • Signal tracking add-on x 1 unit
  • Telescopic mast 7 meters or above x 1 unit
  • Charging equipment with batteries with increased protection casing x 1 unit
  • Additional notebook-for video analysis x 1 unit
  • Autopilot software licence x 1 unit
  • VIZA software licence x 1 unit
  • Launcher/catapult x 1 unit
  • Case for spare parts and payload storage x 1 unit

ZALA AERO is one of leading developers and manufacturers of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and integrated navigation systems. After 6 years the highly skilled engineers have developed and put into production a variety of unmanned airplanes and helicopters that made ZALA brand become the most recognisable and trusted brand in Russia. ZALA AERO is much more than just a company as it develops and manufactures: autopilots, airframes, catapults, launchers, UAVs, payloads, communication technology and much more which makes the ZALA UAS unique. Download


UAV ZALA 421-Demo
UAV ZALA 421-Demo
UAV ZALA 421-16
UAV ZALA 421-16
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UAV ZALA 421-04M
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