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ZALA 421-02

Navigation: GLONASS/GPS
Power plant: two-cylinder, push-pull, air-cooling, 20 horse-power engine with dual electric ignition system
Range: to 50 km
Maximum speed:
Cruise speed 80 kmph
Endurance: 6 hours
Maximum service ceiling: 4000 m
Maximum payload: 50 kg
MTO weight: 95 kg
Empty weight: 40 kg
Dimensions: 2,640 m length
0,560 m width
0,795 m height
Main rotor diameter: 3,064 m

ZALA 421-02 –autonomous unmanned aerial vehicle with vertical takeoff and landing, which can perform any tasks in any conditions. It is fully autonomous. Specially prepared terrain is not required for its use, it can be operated in all conditions. It is ready to perform any mission, e.g. ground and marine surveillance, targeting, relay-controlled communication and consistency.

Autonomous aerial vehicle ZALA 421-02 combines reliability, durability in any weather conditions, large payload capacity and small size. The AV can fulfill its entire mission automatically under control of the flight computer on the basis of proven flight control methods and algorithms.

The operator can take control of the vehicle at any point during the flight, he also can add, delete and modify waypoints via a clearly arranged interface. The UAV is stabilized automatically in both control modes.

The AV fuselage is made of very lightweight, composite materials that provides a superior power and weight ratio and enables maximum ability to carry different payload combinations. Maximum payload capacity is 50 kg. Payload is chosen according to the customer’s request. In a standard configuration, the UAV is equipped with a daytime camera.

The control station is based on two portable computers - one for flight planning and control, another for payload control and data analyzing. The control station controls payload, and mission planning. It provides access to video data, recording and photographing with very high resolution. The command system has been designed to control the UAV via either a stand-alone network, or through integration into existing tactical network in real time.

Production according to the customer’s specifications.

The AV electronics, including data links, are designed to be completely modular, allowing for upgrades or fitting of customer-specific components. ZALA 421-02 is in preproduction phase, prototype production has been completed, and validation and flight tests are in progress.

ZALA 421-02 is a vertical takeoff/ landing UAV of middle range and middle flight time. This aerial vehicle has the UAV’s ideal characteristics and ability to function in any environment.

Improved design and materials used in production give good forward speed and flight time.

New design of ZALA 421-02 ensured that it can be operated in very tight places. ZALA 421-02 is being tested under varied weather conditions. Production is planned as soon the tests are over.

ZALA 421-02 can be used both for military and civil purposes.

The monitoring system optimally combines:
  • Productivity of the Earth remote sensing space vehicles
  • Efficiency and mobility of light unmanned aerial vehicles
  • Consistency of the ground positioning equipment and sensibility of physical and chemical measurements

Specially designed hard- and software package processes data flows registered by space, aerial and ground devices (scanners, infrared imagers, GPS receivers, etc.). It ensures that almost all monitoring missions can be performed:

  • monitoring the oil and gas and other industry branches’ infrastructure objects,
  • observing the state and use of agricultural lands, forests, etc.

The following was developed specially for this system:

  • methods and program package for precision processing the Earth space imagery,
  • mobile/portable hard-and software complex for precise mapping the large allotments and for physical and chemical soil (vegetation) surveying,
  • a line of unmanned aerial vehicles with exchangeable payloads.

High efficiency of the whole system has been obtained due to UAV operation as a monitoring means thanks to the best “price – efficiency – quality” ratio.

Autopilot system can be used not only for aerial but also for land or water unmanned systems.

The ZALA project covers also the UAV user training program, aftersales service, and technical support.

Our UAV models have high viability combined with their low budgeting.

The UAVs as a part of the system can perform wide range of the Earth monitoring tasks at heights ranging from some hundred meters to several kilometers. They are able to carry payloads (up to 50 kg) transferring the registered data to the ground control station in real time. Lightweight ZALA series UAVs equipped with autopilot function can autonomously take off and land, fulfill the flight mission according to the planned program with the capability of the flight altitude, speed and control mode alteration. They can also be controlled manually.

A special attention should be paid to the vertically takeoff and landing platform of new generation unmanned vehicle ZALA 421-02. Its unique features to hover at given point for a long time and to carry sufficient payload weight up to 50 kg solve the most complicated tasks like emergency development monitoring and urgent cargos delivering to an inaccessible area in extreme reduced visibility conditions.

Modularity of separate components and the whole monitoring system enables to adapt it quickly to the customer’s requirements both in payload type and in the Earth surface monitoring technology and its results’ processing.

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