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A-Level Aerosystems is going to be one of the first companies to perfom swarming of UAVs in Parc Aberporth Wales

A-Level Aerosystems is going to be one of the first companies to demonstrate swarming of the UAVs at a flying demonstration in the NATO countries. This historical demonstration is to take place at the ParcAberporth Unmanned Systems event 2007.

 Unmanned systems incorporate a full suite of control and navigation sensors, including telemetry and video-data transmitting devices, all integrated into a single package designed to operate in demanding temperature, shock, and vibration environments. Delivering advanced solutions ZALA products are multi-purpose and can be easily adapted to specific customers’ requirements. The company provides technical support to the customers and life-time warranty. The priority activities include autopilot adjustment to customers’ UAVs, development and manufacturing of ground control stations under specific requirements, aerial photographing and area monitoring services.

Based on the acquired experience and expertise in unmanned systems manufacturing A-Level Aerosystems products proved to be reliable and cost-saving. Delivering advanced solutions A-Level Aerosystems is developing long-term relationships in the UAV market. Unmanned systems are being successfully used in such fields as oil- and gas- pipelines monitoring, border surveillance and reconnaissance.

Video: Start uav ZALA 421-08

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A-Level Aerosystems UAV to fly the skies over G8
The UAV was developed by A-Level Aerosystems company, Izhevsk.

UAV Test platform ZALA 421-Demo - Unmanned airplane
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