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Excellent Perfomance of ZALA 421-08 at the Russian Defence Expo 2007

A-Level Aerosystems is successfuly exhibiting UAVs at the Russian Defence Expo over 11-14th July 2007. Demonstration flights coincided with  the military-engineering machines demonstration  which was accompanied by gunnary. 

The audience had the opportunity  to observe the military machines at the shooting ground from the bird's-eye view. High-quality video showing  the shooting demonstration was transmitted from UAVs to the screens at the Russian Defence Expo.  During the shooting ZALA 421-08 proved to be blast proof.  Acustic wave showed no influence on the video quality to demonstrate one more time the stable and reliable perfomance of the UAV ZALA 421-08 in adverse environment. 

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A-Level Aerosystems UAV to fly the skies over G8
The UAV was developed by A-Level Aerosystems company, Izhevsk.

UAV Test platform ZALA 421-Demo - Unmanned airplane
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