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ZALA AERO is the leading developer and manufacturer of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). The private owned company was established six years ago without any government or financial institutions. Since then highly skilled engineers have developed and put into production a variety of unmanned airplanes and helicopters that have made the ZALA brand become the most recognisable and trusted brand in Russia. ZALA AERO is unique as it develops and manufactures: autopilots, airframes, mechanical and pneumatic catapults, launchers, UAVs, payloads, communication technology and much more. This area also includes installation of navigation systems, development and manufacture of made-to order ground control systems (from portable GCS to GCS installed on all-weather off-road vehicles and vessels). A systematic approach is the basis for all company’s activities. This concept allows to produce unique, reliable and easy in operation unmanned aerial systems.


Today ZALA AERO supplies UAS to a large number of clients. For the last six years regular customers have been; Ministry of Internal Affairs, Gazprom, Emergency Situations Ministry, Antiterrorist Centre, Fisheries Agency, Forestry Agency, RusAtom and others.

The first Russian division that started to use UAVs for its purpose was Aviation Centre of Ministry of Internal Affairs. This division is still a regular customer and partner of ZALA AERO. Gazprom has been using ZALA AERO services on regular basis in monitoring their infrastructure and pipelines. The service is now being regularly offered to other customers who are keen to learn their way around UAV advantages and keep their initial investment to a minimum. In 2009 first ship based VTOL complexes 421-06S were delivered to an unspecified customer and have already proven their capabilities with results, ZALA AERO measures their accomplishments by the success of their customers and has gone to great lengths to exceed expectations with specific customer modifications in areas such as encryption, target tracking, all weather ability, ship based modification (including landing) among others. ZALA AERO range includes ten different UAS systems with over eighty modifications.


ZALA AERO UAVs are easy to control and can perform numerous tasks. The range of tasks is very wide: communications relay, beyond horizon surveillance, damage assessment, explosives detection, light cargo drops, border patrol, video recording, oil spill monitoring, power line inspection, photo and video production in operations of human lives salvage. Our UAV complexes are indispensable in missile complex protection, road reconnaissance and escorting, ecological monitoring; they can be used by Navy, Customs, Police. You are able to monitor pipelines, chemical and oil main-lines for accident prevention, traffic on the road, monitor forest fires, fish protection and ice petrol.

UAVs can deliver extra unique loads, transmit and retransmit information in dangerous for man conditions while coping with other tasks. UAVs can be used as robotic devices which are able to perform technological operations in dangerous for man areas (UAVs can perform engineering, radiation, chemical, and biological detection).

The main advantage is that ZALA AERO UAVs are fully autonomous. All aerial vehicles automatically complete the entire mission from take off to landing, with the flight controlled by onboard autopilot. All vehicles are controlled by software which allows the operator to analyze the flight, modify waypoints and reprogram the mission. The software provides access to any information required in real time including telemetry with accuracy up to 10m. One of the main advantages is easy and simple operation of UAVs. Other advantages include simple result focused training owing to easy-to-use flight route and mission editor. Two training hours on the simulator are enough to understand the ground control software. After only two days one can acquire main skills of UAV complex operation. All weather application means the systems are always ready to go.

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